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Maps are items that will be added to MCPE in Update 0.14.0. If the player is holding a map, it will display the parts of the world they have explored, but not show the pinpoint of where the player is at.


  • 9 Paper + Compass => 1 Map

How Maps Work

It is often asked how maps divide the world into segments. The entire world is divided into massive squares. A map maps one of the these massive squares when it is fully zoomed out. Inside of the massive squares, there are smaller squares. The map shows one of these smaller ones when it is less zoomed out. Inside of those squares are even smaller ones and so on until you get down to the smallest size of map. The spawn point is the meeting point of 4 of the massive squares. This explains why when you make a map at the spawn, you are always in a corner.


  • While held in the player's hand, a map will gradually draw itself as the player explores the world.
  • It is useful to survey the surface terrain since it displays visible overview blocks (helps find ways).
  • A map is held with two hands.
  • A map portrays a pinpoint to show where exactly the player is. In order to see where the player is, one must combine a map with a compass on an anvil.
  • When you put a map in an item frame the map will cover the whole block that the item frame is on.
  • Version Exclusive: Until PC crafting is added, maps start zoomed out since it is too expensive to do so starting from fully zoomed in.

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