Market Place


In-Game Mechanic

First Appearance

Update 1.1

The Minecraft Marketplace, also known as the Marketplace Store is an in-game mechanic which was added in Update 1.1.


  • Purchase of Community Creations: Minecraft Marketplace allows the Player to purchase Skins, Worlds and Texture Packs created by the Community.
  • Use of In-Game Currency: All items are purchased through in-game currency. Transactions are safe and easy.
  • Safe Downloads: Features can be downloaded safely without fear of any malware.
  • Connected to Xbox Live: The Player can share his/her downloads with friends over an Xbox Account.
  • Minecraft coins: The currency of the Marketplace, Minecraft coins, are not available for free[1], they have to be purchased by the Player. Anywhere saying they are free is a scam.