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Melon Seeds




Yes (when planted)




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Melon Seeds are one of the Items that used to come from the Nether Reactor, before Update 0.12.1. The Player can plant them on hydrated Farmland to get Melons. After Update 0.14.0, Players can get them in an Abandoned Mineshaft inside its Chests or through naturally spawning Melons found in the Jungle Biome.


  • 1 Melon Slice => 1 Melon Seed


  • This seed used to have the same texture as Pumpkin Seeds.
  • In Old Worlds, it was one of the two seeds that could not be obtained from using a Hoe on Grass Blocks, the other being Pumpkin Seeds.
  • The crop produced will grow Melons as long as it stays hydrated, just like the Pumpkin crop.
  • The final stage of growth for the Melon is not the melon itself. Similar to the Pumpkin crop, the final stage is a tall, orange-tinted stalk.

The Melon Seeds Texture In 0.5.0, which is the Pumpkin Seeds Texture

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