Mesa Mineshafts


Generated Structure


Mesa Biomes

First Appearance

Update 0.10.0

Mesa Mineshafts (AKA Abandoned Mesa Mineshafts) are Generated Structures added in Update 0.10.0.


Mesa Mineshafts are rather similar to Abandoned Mineshafts, but are only found in Mesa Biomes.



Contrary to the Abandoned Mineshafts, the entrance of this structure might be on the surface, allowing for easier spotting of the Mineshaft.


The main difference opposed to the Abandoned Mineshaft is that instead of Oak Planks, the Mesa Mineshafts uses Dark Oak Planks and Fences, and they are typically a little shorter than their counterpart.


Mesa Mineshafts' loot is same as for Abandoned Mineshafts. For more information, please see Loot of Abandoned Mineshafts.

However, since Gold Ore can spawn at any level in the Mesa Biomes, these are also exposed within the Mineshaft.


  • Bug: Before Update 0.14.1, Minecarts with Chests could only generate on floating rails outside Mesa Mineshafts.
  • Mesa Mineshafts were exclusive to Minecraft Pocket Edition before 1.10 for PC and TU43 for consoles.
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