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Mesa Mineshafts
Screenshot 2015-02-20-20-13-46
Interior of a Mesa Mineshaft

Spawns in

Mesa Biomes


Generated Structure

First Appearance

Update 0.10.0

Mesa Mineshafts (AKA Abandoned Mesa Mineshafts) are Generated Structures added in Update 0.10.0. They offer many features similar and different to Abandoned Mineshafts.


Mesa Mineshafts are composed of Dark Oak Planks and Fences as beams. They sometimes extend inside mountains from Mesa Biomes. Typically, they are shorter than normal Abandoned Mineshafts but can be just as complex.

While they must originate in a Mesa Biome, they can run into other biomes as well.

Abandoned Mineshafts and Mesa Mineshafts



  • Made of Dark Oak Wood rather than Oak.
  • Generally shorter than its counterpart.
  • Gold Ore is very common.
  • Spawns on the surface rather than underground.
  • Generates at multiple places compared to a single compact area.


  • Bug: Before Update 0.14.1, Minecarts with Chests could only generate on floating rails outside Mesa Mineshafts.
  • Mesa Mineshafts were exclusive to Minecraft Pocket Edition before 1.10 for PC and TU43 for Xbox.
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