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Minecraft: Skin Studio Encore
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57Digital Ltd.

Minecraft: Skin Studio Encore is the official Skin creating app for Minecraft PE. It allows the Player to create custom skins, besides skin packs.


There is both a full version and a lite version, however the lite version was taken off the App Store when Update 0.11.0 was released. The full version of the app is $3.99.


It is possible to create skins on Minecraft: Skin Studio Encore using the following method -

  • Create a skin, based on either the Steve or the Alex Model
  • After completion, there is an option to either pay $0.99 for the Creative pack and save to Pocket Edition from inside the app, or to send the skin by email, and then save it to camera roll.
  • The skin must be saved to the camera roll
  • Open Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Select the preferred skin on the options menu from the Camera Roll
  • The skin is then implemented into the game


It is also possible to unlock other features such as smudge, armor, etc. by purchasing using in-app purchases. These features enhance skin experience.


  • Each in-app purchase is about $0.99.
  • This is the official skin app for all Minecraft platforms.

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