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Welcome to the Minecraft - Pocket Edition Wiki! We're a collaborative community website about Minecraft - Pocket Edition that anyone, including you, can edit!
We currently have 347 articles and 284 users since creation on April 28, 2011.

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About Minecraft PE

This wiki is about the mobile version of Minecraft. It is a sandbox construction game, created by Markus Persson, the founder of Mojang AB. The game involves players creating and destroying various types of blocks in a three-dimensional environment. The player, also known as Steve, takes on an avatar that can destroy or create blocks, forming fantastic structures, creations, and artwork, on multiplayer servers and singleplayer worlds across multiple game modes.

Latest News

New Blog post - Broadcast and some updates to 0.9.0 and 1.0
-David Nolte - 04/11/14

New world generator in action. Johan said it will take just a few days more to finish the new Biomes too.

David NolteAdded by David Nolte

-David Nolte - 03/31/14

New blog post about mobs in 0.9.0(now with pics) -> Here
-David Nolte - 02/26/14

Wolves are coming!
-ILikeTrains - 2/22/14

Welcome to our newest staff members, ILikeTrains and DeSouaLime!
-Dblcut3 - 1/30/14

If you have something that admins need to know, go post it on the Admin noticeboard. They will respond as soon as possible.
-ILikeTrains - 01/30/14

Dunno what happened with David N. with the messageboard here, but just a quick update. 0.8.0 and 0.8.1 were released ages ago, it seems. It's looking like 0.9.0 will be released sometime around April.
-ILikeTrains - 01/29/14

0.8.0 is almost done and comes with many new stuff. There are still a couple of bugs left to fix but it will hopefully released before Christmas.
-David N. November 26, 2013.

From now there is an big Beta program for mcpe. The Beta is only for Android but hey if you are iOS user like me be happy you become an game which hasn't big bugs.
If you have the full Android version of mcpe and you want to be a beta tester, request to join the beta here.
-David N. November 22, 2013.

Spanish MCPE Wiki will be in operation soon along with the German wiki. If you speak either one of those languages or just want to help translate, contact me or David N. immediately. -Dblcut3

Latest Showcase

Showcase of 0.7.0(MCO Beta in General):


If you happen to stumble upon a bug, help the developers of Minecraft and report it here.

The last update was 0.8.1, a bug-fix update for 0.8.0

Upcoming Updates

The next update is 0.9.0. View the full changelog here: Update 0.9.0

Future items and features

Features, items and Blocks who are planed for the future.

  • Implementation of camera(it should be a easier way to take pictures, was discussed on the MineCon 2012,it will may not added)
  • Infinite worlds Update 0.9.0
  • Redstone(is planed for the feature, was discussed on the MineCon 2012)
  • More Sky additions(Johan said the changes in 0.6.0 were only the beginning he will add more soon)
  • Skins(Jeb said that they will be available soon)
  • Caves(Jeb means that they may be available as an option on newer devices in the future)
  • Foods(Johan said more food will be add in the future)
  • Wolves(Johan mentioned that wolves will possible added in the future)
  • Endermen(Johan mean that Endermen will be added soon)
  • Breeding(will be add in a no-distance future, maybe this year)
  • In-Game Music(will be add in the next 4-5 updates maybe more)
  • Chat Scrolling(Johan will keep it in mind for future updates)
  • Enchanting(is planed for the future, but the team isn't sure if they can add it)
  • IP Address Join. (Johan said on twitter before 0.7.0 released, that they need to get out the 0.7.0 update of Pocket Edition before they can consider the join by IP idea.)
  • Chat Scrolling. (Johan want to keep it in mind for future updates)
  • Add Realm to your Worlds menu.(Amir said to a reply that he plans to add a option available to add the current Realm your in onto your worlds menu, making it playable. It is on their features list and is planned to be added in Beta.)
  • Change of texture to buttons.(Tommaso mentioned that he would like to add "some rocky texture" to the buttons, as the current texture is "too plain")

Note: Rollbacks are always chat moderators.

User Job Status Join Date
Mutant Dharak Founder Inactive April 23, 2011
RUS Bureaucrat Inactive December 10, 2011
Dblcut3 Bureaucrat Active August 25, 2012
Epic Steve Miner Bureaucrat Active February 5, 2013
Adam9812 Administrator Active February 23, 2013
Agent Spy Administrator Active August 29, 2013
Dak47922 Administrator Active March 7, 2013
David Nolte Administrator Active Janurary 28, 2013
ILikeTrains Administrator Active September 2, 2013
KoiKage Moderator Inactive August 2, 2012
Jellysnake Moderator Inactive April 28, 2012
Zachie150 Moderator Inactive March 16, 2013
Cygnistars Moderator Active May 22, 2013
Jeff16306 Moderator Active August 19, 2013
King Shoot Moderator Active March 31 2013
NyanCatStrikesBack Moderator Inactive March 16, 2013
The-buster-ZX Moderator Active March 16, 2013
The Deranged Umbreon Moderator Active February 23, 2014
DeSouaLime Chat Moderator Active April 24, 2013

About Realms

Realms is the new Mutiplayer service of Mojang AB. Realms provide an easy and faster way to create Minecraft servers and allows more control for the creator. This new feature is still in developing and only a few hundred persons became acces to the currently beta phase. The new Realms feature will available for the PC version and the Pocket Edition.


The prices are still unknown once we know the prices you will see them here.

How to join a Server

Pocketmine Realms has been closed.

Since 0.7.4 you can use the external servers Feature to play together with other player on Servers.


Who should be the User of the Month for April 2014?

The poll was created at 18:40 on April 13, 2014, and so far 14 people voted.


  • What should the wiki's PocketMine server be called? - WikiCraft
  • Who should be given the title of Best User of 2013? - Jeff16306
  • Who should be our next admin? - ILikeTrains
  • Who is your favorite Minecraft you tuber? - SkyDoesMinecraft
  • What do you call it? - Gold
  • Which feature are you most excited for in 0.9.0? - Skins

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December 12, 2013

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April-June, 2014

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