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Mineral Vein
Mineral Vein
A Mineral Vein


Generated Structure


Anywhere (Emerald in Extreme Hills Biome)

Mineral Veins are Generated Structures that spawn underground. They contain a cluster of Ore Blocks and can be found anywhere where there is Stone


The following Ores may spawn in mineral veins:


  • Mineral Veins were the only Generated Structures that existed before Update 0.9.0.
  • Emerald Ores are usually found in quantities of 1, but very rarely spawn in 2-3.
  • Only certain Ores can spawn at specified heights.
    • For example, only Coal (or rarely Iron) Ore can spawn at surface level.
    • Rarer Ores, like Diamond Ore, are most commonly found deep underground between Layers 12 and 0.
  • Though Nether Quartz Ore is classified as an Ore, it's the only Ore that spawns in The Nether, making it impossible to be included in Mineral Veins.
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