Mob AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a behavioral system followed by all Mobs in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Each group of Mobs (Passive, Hostile and Neutral) has a general AI, though mobs in these categories may have special AI of their own.

Passive mobs

Passive Mobs are usually not affected by the Player, They usually follow a set AI pattern:

  • They wander aimlessly in the world, though certain mobs may react differently in certain conditions.
  • They run away from the Player when attacked.
  • In some cases, they follow the Player when they hold a Food item.
  • They usually drop some amount of Experience.

Special AI

Some passive mobs also follow special AI:

  • Rabbits hunt down and destroy mature Carrot plants.
  • Ocelots can be tamed using Raw Fish.
  • Bats have the ability to fly, though they do not avoid obstructions such as Lava.
  • Horses can be tamed and ridden.

Neutral Mobs

Neutral Mobs are not affected by the Player unless he/she triggers them in some way, or certain conditions are specified.

Special AI

  • Wolves hunt down Sheep, Rabbits and Skeletons. They can also be tamed using Bones.
  • Endermen can teleport.
  • Spiders turn hostile only during nighttime.
  • Nearby Wolves and Pigmen attack the Player when one of their kind is attacked.

Hostile Mobs

Hostile Mobs are naturally hostile towards the Player, and will attack any Player in their vicinity. They use different methods (melee, ranged, potions) to do so.

Special AI


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