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Mobs (Pronunciation: Mawb) (mobs is short for mobiles) are moving entities that can be killed. There are three types in Pocket Edition: passive, hostile, and neutral. Passive mobs (sheep, pig, cows, and chickens) ignore you and if you hit them, they run in random directions. Hostile mobs such as creepers, zombies, zombie pigman and skeletons pursue you if you get close enough. Neutral mobs (spiders) only attack you if they meet the requirements. In 0.9.0, Endermen will be added.

Mobs tend to drop items that can be used for crafting, eating, or smelting. Unlike the PC version of Minecraft where zombies drop rotten flesh, in Pocket Edition, as of now, zombies drop feathers. The animal mobs are Sheep, Cows, Chickens and Pigs. Of these animal mobs, cows, chickens, and pigs can all be killed for raw food.




In Pocket Edition, there are few types of mobs in the game. Below are a list of the types of mobs and also the mobs which have the specific type.


Passive mobs are type of mobs that will not attack the player even hurt or provoked by the player. Currently, all animals in the Passive types are always farm animals and can be bred. The passive mobs currently in Pocket Edition are cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep.


Neutral mobs are type of mobs that will not attack the player unless if provoked. The neutral mobs currently in the game are only Spiders . (Endermen will be added in 0.9.0)

  • Note that spiders are really indeed neutral but if spawned under the light level 7 or below (which is the light level that hostile mobs can spawn), it will make it hostile. A proof that spiders are neutral is that, it becomes neutral in sunlight or in light levels 12 or above but if provoked, it will turn hostile. Making it like a cross-breed of Neutral-Hostile.


Hostile mobs are type of mobs that will indeed be hostile (attacking you) in range. Zombies, Creepers, Spiders, and Skeletons are required light level 7 or below to spawn. The hostile mobs currently in the game are Zombie Pigmen, Zombies, Creepers, Skeletons, and Spiders.

  • Note that spiders are really indeed neutral on light level 12 or above. But will become hostile on light levels 7 and below or provoked on any light level.


  • Skeletons: Drop 0-2 arrows, useful for ammo for a bow. Skeletons also drop 0-2 bones, useful for crafting bonemeal to instantly grow saplings and crops.
  • Zombies: Drop 0-1 feathers upon death. Feathers are useful for crafting arrows for a bow.
  • Creepers: Drop 0-2 gunpowder when killed. Gunpowder is useful for crafting TNT, which explodes when it is lit with Flint and Steel. If a Creeper explodes, it will not drop anything.
  • Spiders: Drop 0-2 string when killed, which is useful for crafting white wool or a bow to shoot mobs from a distance.
  • Cows: Drop 0-3 raw beef when killed, which can be eaten raw to restore 1 to 2 1/2 hearts. The raw beef can be cooked in a furnace to produce steak, which restores up to 4 hearts when eaten. Cows also drop 0-2 leather which can be used to make leather armor.
  • Pigs: Drop 0-2 raw porkchops when killed, which can be eaten raw to refill 1 to 2 1/2 hearts. The raw porkchops can be cooked in a furnace to produce cooked porkchops, useful for restoring up to 3 hearts.
  • Sheep: When killed, sheep drop 1 wool. When sheep are sheared, they can drop 1-3 wool, which can be a variety of colors if it or the sheep is dyed. Wool is useful for decoration or paintings.
  • Chicken: Drop 0-1 raw chicken and/or 0-1 feathers when killed. Raw chicken can be eaten to restore 1 heart, and when cooked in a furnace, it can restore 3 hearts.
  • Zombie Pigmen: Drop 0-1 gold ingots.


  • In the PC and Console versions of Minecraft, Zombie Pigmen are Neutral. But in the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, Zombie Pigmen are always attacking the player even not damaged or hit by the player making it a hostile mob. Zombie Pigmen are guessed intentionally as a hostile mob to make it harder to get the loot of the Nether Reactor. They are also missing part of their head.
  • Zombies likely drop feathers because hunger affect hasn't been added. Rotten flesh will likely be added with potions.

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