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MCPE Patcher

Mods are modifications that enhance or change your gameplay.

Currently, they can only be installed on jailbroken iOS devices. Android devices can just download them.

How to install mods (iOS)

You need a jailbreak first. To learn how to jailbeak, go to this site:

IMPORTANT: Jailbreaking is not at all recommended. If you jailbreak, there is a good chance that Apple will stop fixing or otherwise helping you with problems. It is also against Apple's Terms of Use, prompting this release of contract.

  1. Go to Cydia
  2. Add this source:
  3. Install the MCPE Mod Patcher
  4. Go to any site with mods and copy the link
  5. Go to MCPE Patcher, and Downloads
  6. Paste the link 
  7. When it is finnished, go to Mods
  8. Select "Patch"
  9. You are done.


  1. Go to the App Store
    1405161076 unnamed

    Block Launcher Pro

  2. Install Block Launcher
  3. Open Block Launcher
  4. Tap the wrench icon
  5. Tap Manage ModPE Scripts
  6. Tap Import
  7. Import from: Local storage, Trebl's official repo, Website address, or Clipboard
  8. Done!

List of Mods

Mods are available to different Pocket Edition versions:

A website frequently updated with new mods can be found here:


  • Charged Creeper spawn egg (adds a spawn egg on creative inventory that spawns charged creepers.
  • Shulker Mod (adds a shulker spawn egg that spawns a shulker) (looks the same as pc shulker).


  • Power Gems- Adds gems that gives specified status effects.
  • Lucky Blocks- Blocks that create random Mobs, Structures and Items.
  • Ocelots
  • Capes
  • Masks- Adds different masks that give different status effects.
  • Power Apples- Adds different apples that gives different status effects.
  • Exo Suit- Adds a new set of amour that gives status effect when fully worn.


  • Fishing
  • Blood Magic- Another source of power in Minecraft, Blood. The more you damage yourself, the stronger you get. Unplayable in 0.11.0.
  • Tinkers Construct- Adds more kinds of swords and tools in Minecraft. Unplayable in 0.11.0
  • Portal Gun- Adds portals that shorten your travel between places. Updated and playable in 0.11.0.
  • Pokecubes- Adds Pokemons in the world of Minecraft. Soon to be updated for 0.11.0
  • Sprint and Crouch.


  • DenosGun- Guns in MCPE. Updated and playable in 0.11.0.



  • TNT in creative


  • Nodus PE (jump high, glide in air, no fall damage, climb everything)
  • Anti-Creeper
  • Higher Explosions
  • BETTER MINECRAFT PE! (Smooth lighting, mobs in creative, names in multiplayer, double chest, no fog)
  • Super TNT in creative
  • Leather to chain armor

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