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Not to be confused with Spawn Eggs.

Monster Eggs (AKA Silverfish Stone ) are Blocks that spawn Silverfish when broken. Monster Eggs look identical to either Stone, Cobblestone or any kind of Stone Brick, and are naturally found in Strongholds and rarely in Extreme Hills Biomes, hidden among real stone blocks.


When breaking it with a Pickaxe it takes noticeably longer to mine than regular Stone, Cobblestone, or Stone Bricks, making it relatively easy to distinguish from the regular blocks, if one is careful enough. The block can also be detected as it is destroyed by hand fairly quickly, unlike regular stone-related blocks.


Silverfish Stone is meant to deceive Players. When mined, it will spawn a Silverfish which will instantly attack the Player. Also, if the Player attacks a Silverfish directly, nearby Silverfish Stone will break, spawning other aggressive Silverfish.

However, if the Silverfish is killed in one hit or by any other means (besides the Player), it will not alert other Silverfish.


  • When a Silverfish is not pursuing the Player, the Silverfish will go to the nearest stone, cobblestone or any stone brick variant, then it will "poof", turning the block into Silverfish Stone.
  • When mined in Survival, the Silverfish will have full Health.
    • However, when mined in Creative, Sliverfish will not spawn.
  • Silverfish Stone can be made by placing Stone, Cobblestone, or Stone Bricks and tapping a Silverfish Spawn Egg on it, as the Silverfish will go inside it, converting the block into a Silverfish Stone.
  • As of Update 0.16.0, all types of Monster Eggs are available in the Creative Inventory, in the Decoration Section.

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