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Mooshroom Cow
A Mooshroom


Mushroom Island Biome






1-3 Raw Beef, 1-3 Cooked Beef (If Killed while on fire), 0-2 Leather & 1-3 Experience

First Appearance

Update 0.9.0

Mooshrooms are Passive Mobs that were added in Update 0.9.0. They are unique variations of Cows, being red in color and having Mushrooms growing on their backs.


Mooshrooms spawn on Mycelium in Mushroom Islands in herds of 4-8.


Mooshrooms tend to walk around slowly and aimlessly, huffing and mooing occasionally. They will avoid danger such as cliffs, Fire or Lava, but will make no attempt to stay out of Water.


Mooshrooms can be farmed similarly to Cows, and are very useful since they have the following uses:

  • When Sheared, Mooshrooms become regular Cows and yield 5 red mushrooms.
  • Mooshrooms can be Milked with a Bucket.
  • When a Mooshroom is milked with a Bowl, it yields Mushroom Stew.
  • When a Mooshroom is killed, it will drop Leather and Raw Beef like a normal Cow.
  • Along with the Cow, it will drop Cooked Beef if killed with Fire, Lava, a Fire Aspect Enchanted Sword or a Flame Bow.


  • Mooshroom Babies don't have Mushroom growths.
  • Mooshrooms are 1.4 blocks tall, and baby Mooshrooms are 0.7 blocks tall.
  • Cows and Mooshrooms are the only Mobs that can be milked.
  • Cows and Mooshrooms cannot be Bred together.
  • Mooshrooms have a chance to spawn as a Jockey.
  • Out of all the passive mobs, the Mooshroom is the most resourceful mob in Minecraft. Players can get Milk, Raw Beef, Leather, Red Mushrooms, Mushroom Stew (if crafted), and Cooked Beef (if killed by fire).
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