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Moss Stone

Moss stone as seen in an accidentally spawned dungeon.

Mossy Cobblestone is a decorative block, added in 0.4.0. It is essentially Cobblestone with moss on it. Mossy Cobblestone has a similar pattern to Netherrack, but with a color scheme similar to Cobblestone. It is unobtainable in Survival in versions below 0.9.0. As of 0.9.0, mossy cobblestone spawns naturally in dungeons. As of 0.9.0, mossy cobblestone is craftable using a vine and cobblestone, now making it renewable. As of 0.9.1, mossy cobblestone can be found on top of Podzol in Mega Taiga biomes.


  • It is a false rumor that Mossy Cobblestone can be created by placing cobblestone in water. But it can be crafted or found in Dungeons and Moss Stone Boulders.
  • As of 0.9.0, it is in Dungeons.

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