Music Disc
Music Discs




Yes (64)


Yes (64)

First Appearance

Update 1.2

Music Discs are Items that were added in Update 1.2.


Music Discs can be found in Dungeon Chests and in Woodland Mansions. They are also dropped when Creepers are killed by Skeletons.


  • 11
  • Thirteen
  • Blocks
  • Cat
  • Chirp
  • Far
  • Mall
  • Mellohi
  • Stal
  • Strad
  • Wait
  • Ward


Music Discs are used to play Music in a Jukebox.


  • All Music on the Music Discs was composed by C418.
  • The 'Cat' music disc plays the soundtrack 'Dog' when used by a jukebox.
  • Music Disc 11 is different from the other disks because it is cracked and all of its data contains 1 or 11.
    • When used on a spectrogram, it will reveal numbers "12418." 12 is the number of C, which means the spectrogram reads C418.
    • Also on a spectrogram, it reveals a face. The face looks alike to Steve or Herobrine.

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