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Nether Fortress
150px-Nether Castle
A lava well room in a Nether Fortress


Generated Structure


The Nether

First Appearance

Update 0.12.1

Nether Fortresses are Generated Structures that spawn in the Nether, which was added in Update 0.12.1.  


Nether Fortress are rather large Structures found in the Nether. They generate partially underground.



The exterior appearance of the Nether Fortress are made out of Nether Brick (Block) forming giant walkways on top of high pillars. There are also rooftop areas with Blaze Monster Spawners. Parts of the rooftop is fenced in by Nether Brick Fences. The Fences are also used as windows and decorative elements in the outer walls of the Nether Fortress.


Inside the Fortresses there are various rooms interconnected through corridors:

  • Lava well rooms
  • Rooms with Nether Brick Stairs in the center, and Soul Sand at the sides of the stairway containing two 2×5 rows of Nether Wart growing on it.
  • Rooms with four exits. Some of them lead only to the outside.
  • Rooms in the pillars with a simple stairway of Nether Brick placed against a wall, leading up to the floor above.
  • Open or closed walkways between the different parts of the Fortress. These are called Nether Bridges, and can contain Chests with various loot.


In a Chest found at a Nether Bridge the Player may find:

Item Weight Chance Count
Group count: 2-4
Diamond (Gem) Diamond 5/73 6.8% 1-3
Ironitm Iron Ingot 5/73 6.8% 1-5
GOLD Gold Ingot 15/73 20.5% 1-3
Gold swordGolden Sword 5/73 6.8% 1
Golden Chestplate 5/73 6.8% 1
Flint and Steel Flint and Steel 5/73 6.8% 1
Nether Wart Nether Wart 5/73 6.8% 3-7
Saddle Saddle 10/73 13.7% 1
Gold Horse Armor Gold Horse Armor 8/73 11.0% 1
Iron Horse Armor Iron Horse Armor 5/73 6.8% 1
Diamond Horse Armor Diamond Horse Armor 3/73 4.1% 1
Obsidian Obsidian 2/73 2.7% 2-4


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