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Nether Quartz

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Nether Quartz
Nether Quartz
Nether Quartz



First Appearance

Update 0.6.0

Nether Quartz is an item added in the Update 0.6.0. It is spawned by the Nether Reactor in large quantities and is used to craft Block of Quartz. After Update 0.12.1, Nether Quartzes can be obtained by mining Nether Quartz Ores.



  • Nether Quartz is also simply known as Quartz.
  • Now in the Update 0.12.1, Nether Quartzes spawn in the Nether in the form of Nether Quartz Ores.
  • This is the only ore drop that requires 4, not 9, of that item to make its block.
    • And the block cannot be crafted back into Nether Quartz.

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