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Nether Reactor
Nether reactor
The Nether Reactor


Generated Structure



First Appearance

Version 0.5.0

The Nether Reactor, sometimes known as the Nether Machine, is a player-built structure that was added in Update 0.5.0. When activated, the Reactor spawns many blocks and items, and most importantly, a tower of Netherrack around it. It is a replacement for the Nether, though the Nether will be added in the future.


To create the Nether Reactor, the Nether Reactor Core is needed, which consists of Diamonds and Iron Ingots. Four Gold Blocks along with Cobblestone are also needed.


  • After the reactor is built, tap the Core to activate the Nether Reactor.
  • Once you activate the reactor, it will dig out a square 2 deep, filling it with Netherrack.
  • The reactor remains active for about 45 seconds.  
  • After the reactor is deactivated, a Netherrack tower is left in its wake.
  • The tower will spawn Zombie Pigmen in groups of 2-3.

Blocks Spawned 


  • You may save the entire netherrack tower, by mining the nether reactor core, this will halt the process keeping the tower and any glowing obsidian that was spawned.
  • If the nether reactor is activated near the edge of the world, it will sometimes turn day to night instantly.
  • It is advised to bring as few items as possible, due to any items you collect in the reactor.
  • Before 0.6.0, the tower generated was of Obsidian.
  • If you mine the blocks around the Nether Reactor before they glow red you can get them back.

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