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This feature is MCPE Exclusive.
This feature is exclusive to the Pocket Edition of Minecraft and cannot be found on any other version of it.

Nether Reactor
200px-Nether Reactor
The Nether Reactor


Generated Structure



First Appearance

Version 0.5.0

The Nether Reactor, sometimes known as the Nether Machine, is a player-built structure that was added in Update 0.5.0. When activated, the Reactor spawns many blocks and items, and most importantly, a tower of Netherrack around it. 


To create the Nether Reactor, the Nether Reactor Core is needed, which consists of Diamonds and Iron Ingots. 4 Gold Block along with 14 Cobblestone are also needed.


  • After 0.11.0, the Reactor cannot be created on Bedrock level.
  • The reactor remains active for about 45 seconds.  
  • After the reactor is deactivated, a Netherrack tower is left in its wake.
  • The tower will spawn Zombie Pigmen if playing on normal. They spawn in groups of 2-3. Unlike PC and console edition, they are naturally hostile.
  • When activated there are 3 stages of the nether core reactor, no matter what when mined will produce the original reactor.

Blocks Spawned 


  • Before 0.11.0 mining away the Nether Reactor Core during activation would cause eternal night. Even if the player sleeps in a bed the player will only see one minute of daylight before it returns to night.
  • It is a replacement for the Nether, though the Nether will be added in the 0.12.0 update.
  • If the nether reactor is activated near the edge of old worlds, it will sometimes turn day to night instantly, and the player will be able to see the time of day change to night.
  • If in multiplayer, all Players must be close to the Reactor for it to activate.
  • Before 0.6.0, the tower generated was of Obsidian.
  • The reactor does not work in Creative Mode.
  • Once Update 0.12.1 comes out, the Nether Reactor will not be usable, even if put in correct pattern, it will not generate Tower/Spire. Developers have said it will be given a new use in a future update which may not be confirmed.
  • After 0.12.1 the block will not exist in Creative Mode or the crafting menu and will only be obtained through inventory editors.
  • As well after 0.12.1 any existing Nether Reactors in Minecraft PE will drop 3 diamonds and 6 iron ingots instead of themselves when broken.

For a gallery, see Nether Reactor/Gallery.

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