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This feature is Inventory Editing Only
This feature is in the game, but can currently only be accessed through Inventory Editing.

This feature is MCPE Exclusive.
This feature is exclusive to the Pocket Edition of Minecraft and cannot be found on any other version of it.

Nether Reactor Core
Nether Reactor Block



Tool Used



Yes (64)





First Appearance

Update 0.5.0

Last Appearance

Version 0.12.1

The Nether Reactor Core was a Pocket Edition exclusive Block added in Update 0.5.0, used in the Nether Reactor.

Reactor Blocks

Nether Reactor texture prior to 0.15.0



The Nether Reactor Core was a component of a Player-made structure that activated a Nether Spire. When the wrong structure was created, a message would broadcast saying, "Incorrect Pattern." When the correct structure was created and all Players in Multiplayer mode were near the Reactor, the Player would touch the Nether Reactor and a message would broadcast saying, "Active."


Once activated by being surrounded by the proper amount of Cobblestone and Gold Blocks, the Player could activate the reactor by tapping it. It temporarily transformed into Glowing Obsidian.

The Nether Reactor Core was removed from Survival Mode and Creative Mode in Update 0.12.1.


  • It had 3 stages: before activation, activation, and burnt-out.
  • The tower it generated was made of Obsidian before Update 0.6.0.
  • After Update 0.12.1, a placed Nether Reactor will not be removed, but when mined, it will drop 3 Diamonds and 3 Iron Ingots.
  • It can still be obtained by mining one with a Silk Touch Enchanted Tool.
  • Through modifications, the Nether Reactor Core can be placed and can function like it did before Update 0.12.1.
  • Bug: The texture was changed in Update 0.15.0 due to a bug where the texture was switched with the Plastic Texture Pack.
    • However this most likely never will be fixed, due to the fact that the Nether Reactor Core is no longer used anyway.
    • The texture for the Nether Reactor has been changed 3 times before.
Inventory Editing

Update Game Block | Camera | Nether Reactor Core | Glowing Obsidian | Invisible Bedrock

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