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Neutral Mobs are Mobs that do not attack the Player, unless provoked in a specific manner. Before Update 0.9.0, Spiders were the only neutral mobs in the game; however, many more were added afterwards.

List of neutral mobs

EndermanFace Jack t CaveSpiderFace SpiderFace ZombiePigmanFace WolfFace Snow GolemFace Iron-golem-face
Enderman Polar Bear Cave Spider Spider Zombie Pigman Wolf Snow Golem Iron Golem


  • Wolves are the only neutral mob that can be tamed.
  • Spiders and Cave Spiders are only semi-neutral, since they become Hostile at night.
  • Iron Golems become Hostile if the Player hits the Iron Golem or a Villager.
  • Since Update 0.12.1, Zombie Pigmen starts as neutral, but become Hostile if attacked.
  • Endermen become hostile if attacked or looked in the eyes.
  • Polar Bears become hostile if attacked or its babies are present.


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