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Note Block
Note Block
A Note Block








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First Appearance

Update 0.13.0

Note Blocks are Redstone-related Blocks that were added in Update 0.13.0. When tapped, they produce a different colored musical note particle effect above them and produce a sound.


Sound Production

Note Blocks produce sound when tapped or when they receive a Redstone signal. They produce a low pitched sound initially, and if continuously tapped, will produce higher pitched sounds.


The sound the Note Block produces depends on the block beneath it. It creates sounds of different instruments when tapped in different cases.

Block Beneath Instrument
Wood Bass Guitar
Sand or Gravel Snare Drum
Glass or Glowstone Clicks and Sticks
Stone Bass Drum
Any other block Piano or Harp


  • Note Blocks start at the pitch  F♯/G♭, which is unique since there is no known musical instrument tuned to F#.
  • Note Blocks cannot make a sound if there is not a block of air above them.
    • However, they can still be tuned.
  • Note Blocks still make a sound in mid-air.
    • But when it is in mid-air, it makes the sound same as if a Grass Block was beneath it.
  • After Update 0.15.0, the Note Blocks' sounds were made louder.
  • Note Blocks are used in making Music in Minecraft.
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