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Oak Trees
150px-Minecraft Tree
Oak Tree


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Oak Forests, Forests, Savannas, Jungles, Mesas and Plains

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Oak Trees are a type of Tree in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It is one of the most common type of Tree, appearing in many different biomes. Oak Trees are one of the main sources for Oak Wood.

Oak Saplings can be grown with Bone Meal. Oak trees will also drop Apples along with several Oak Saplings.


Oak Trees can be found in most biomes in the overworld, excluding Deserts, Birch forests and Taigas.


Oak Trees usually consist of a central Oak trunk surrounded by Oak Leaves, however Oak trees can also be oddly shaped.


  • Oak Trees are the shortest tree in MCPE (excluding Fallen Trees).
  • Oak Trees are the only tree to drop a food item that can be immediately eaten.
  • Oak Trees can be made to grow in unusual ways by placing slabs 1 block up around them.
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