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Obsidian is a black and dark purple rock that is made from Water touching a Lava source block. It has a relatively high blast resistance. It can be obtained by the user without editing devices, third only to End Stone and Bedrock. You need a Diamond Pickaxe in order to mine it.

Obsidian is now easier to obtain due to lava pools and sometimes appearing in village chests. However, if lava does spawn, water almost never touches a lava source block. Instead, flowing lava and water are more likely to meet, creating cobblestone. Obsidian can also be obtained by creating a nether reactor, as when the core of the reactor stops, obsidian forms around it. In the earlier version, the structure created by activating the nether reactor was made out of obsidian but was later changed to Netherrack. Obsidian pillars can also be found in The End, providing a good obsidian source.


  • In the seed "herobrine" if the player finds the unnaturally placed cobblestone and continues to mine it as it keeps forming, a piece of obsidian will eventually appear next to the stone.
  • If a flowing lava stream meets a SOURCE (or not flowing) water block it will turn into Stone, not Cobblestone.

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