Nyan world
The Overworld




256 x 256 (Old), Infinite (0.9.0)

First Appearance


The Overworld is the default dimension in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It is where the Player spawns. The Overworld consists of various Biomes (plains, forests, etc.) and has a day/night cycle as well.


There are many types of Mobs that spawn in the Overworld:

Passive Mobs

Hostile Mobs

Neutral Mobs


The landscape in the Overworld consists of mainly Grass Blocks, along with a variety of Blocks in various different biomes. Ores spawn underground that can be used to craft Tools and Armor; Old Worlds are surrounded by a wall of Invisible Bedrock and Generated Structures like Trees, Dungeons, Stronghold, and Villages also appear.


  • The Overworld is the first dimension added to Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • The Overworld is the only dimension which has day/night cycles.
  • The Player can only have a spawn point in the Overworld.
  • This is the only dimension in Minecraft in which the player can sleep in. Trying to Sleep in the Nether or The End will make the bed explode as if it were primed TNT.

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