Packed Ice
Packed Ice



Tool Used

Silk Touch tool


Yes (64)





First Appearance

Update 0.9.0

Packed Ice was a Block added in Update 0.9.0 for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It bears a resemblance to normal Ice and has similar qualities.


Packed Ice only spawns in the Ice Spikes Biome. It can only be obtained by breaking it using a Tool Enchanted with Silk Touch, other tools will break the block into Water.


Packed Ice is similar to normal Ice, as it has the ability to make Players and Mobs 'slide' on it. However, Packed Ice cannot melt. It also allows for mobs to spawn, unlike Ice.


  • After Update 0.12.1, Packed Ice got a new texture.
  • Packed Ice was not present in the Creative mode Inventory till Update 0.12.1.
  • Packed Ice makes the same sound as Glass when broken.
  • Version Exclusive: Contrary to PC version where the block vanishes when broken with non-enchanted tools, it breaks into Water.
  • If a half block, such as Slabs, are placed above the Packed Ice, it inherits the same slippery character as the ice.

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