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Pickaxe Anim







First Appearance

Update 0.2.0

Pickaxes are Tools that were added in Update 0.2.0.



Pickaxes can be crafted, or found naturally in generated Chests. They may also be Traded for using Emeralds.



Pickaxes are used to mine Stone-related blocks and Ores. They can be used as a weapon, but this will increase the number of Durability points used as it is not an intended use.


Pickaxes can get several Enchantments such as Unbreaking and Silk Touch. This will cost ExperienceLapis Lazuli, and sometimes Enchanted Books if the Player is using an Anvil or an Enchantment Table.

  • Silk Touch allows the Player to mine an Ore without turning it into an Item.
  • Efficiency allows the Player to mine a lot faster.
  • Fortune increases the drop rate of Ores.
  • Unbreaking makes the durability decrease slower by 10 percent. It can be Enchanted to all Tools, Armor and weapons.

Unlike the common belief, Depth Strider is not an Enchantment for mining faster underwater, which is actually Efficiency. Depth Strider is for Boots.


  • Prior to Update 0.6.1, if a Diamond Pickaxe was used on Bedrock, the Pickaxe would break within 20 minutes, due to Bedrock being unbreakable.
  • The Golden Pickaxe is the fastest when mining Stone-related and Sandstone-related items, but has only 33 uses, making it the weakest Pickaxe.
  • If the Player mines a Block of a certain Ore with a lower-tier Pickaxe (e. g. mining Iron Ore with a Wooden Pickaxe), the ore will merely be destroyed.
  • Iron Pickaxes are sometimes found in Village Chests.
  • Mining Obsidian is only possible with a Diamond Pickaxe.
  • Golden Pickaxes are the only Pickaxes that cannot mine their corresponding Ore.
  • There is an Achievement in which the Player has to craft any kind of Pickaxe, called, 'Time to Mine!'
    • A successor to this Achievement is 'Getting an Upgrade’, obtained by crafting a better Pickaxe.

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