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Pickaxe Anim

First Appearance

Version 0.2.0





Pickaxes are a tool that is used in the game to mine stone and ores. A pickaxe can be made with 2 Sticks and 3 Planks, Cobblestone, Iron Ingots, Gold Ingot, or Diamonds.

A certain material pickaxe is needed to mine a certain material (ex: an Iron Pickaxe for Diamond Ore). The worst is Gold and the best is Diamond. You can still mine the stone or ore, but it will not drop, and will take a longer time. The point of owning a higher tier pickaxe is to have more durability, it mines faster, and it can mine more objects.


Types of Pickaxes

  • Wooden Pickaxe (Cannot mine all ores except Coal Ore)
  • Gold Pickaxe (Only can anything a wooden pickaxe can also can mine iron ore and diamond ore.)
  • Stone Pickaxe (Can mine anything but diamond gold, bedrock, and obsidian)
  • Iron Pickaxe (Can mine anything but bedrock, and obsidian)
  • Diamond Pickaxe (Can mine anything but Bedrock)


  • Prior to 0.6.1, if a diamond pickaxe was used on Bedrock, it would break within 20 minutes, due to Bedrock being unbreakable.
  • Wooden or Stone Pickaxes are useful if you are going on a non-mining adventure as they can clear Stone in case of emergency.
  • Golden Pickaxes are the fastest when mining Stone-related and Sandstone-related items, but have only 33 uses, making it the weakest Pickaxe.
  • If the player mines an item with the wrong pick, it will merely destroy it.
  • Pickaxes are sometimes found in village chests.
  • Mining Obsidian is only possible with a Diamond Pickaxes even then it takes 15 seconds.
  • Gold Pickaxes are the only pickaxe that can't mine its own ore.
  • It is often called "Minecraft's Iconic Symbol".
  • Along with other tools, the golden pickaxe can be enchanted using less expirence.


Pickaxes can get several enchantments such as Unbreaking and Silk Touch. This will cost XP, sometimes lapis and sometimes enchanted books, if you are using an anvil or enchantment table

  • Silk Touch allows the player to mine an ore without turning it into an item.
  • Efficiency allows the player to mine a lot faster.
  • Fortune increases the drop rate of ores.
  • Unbreaking makes the durability decrease slower by 10 percent. It can be enchanted to all tools and armor.

Unlike the common belief, depth strider is not an enchantment for mining faster underwater, which is actually effiency. Depth strider is for boots.

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