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Pickaxe Anim

First Appearance

Version 0.2.0





The Pickaxe is a tool that is used in the game to rapidly mine stone and ores. A pickaxe can be made with 2 Sticks and 3 Planks, Cobblestone, Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, or Diamonds.

A certain material pickaxe is needed to mine a certain ore (Ex: an Iron Pickaxe for Diamond Ore)

Types of Pickaxes


  • Prior to 0.6.1, if a diamond pickaxe is used on Bedrock, it would break within 20 minutes, due to Bedrock being unbreakable.
  • Wooden or Stone Pickaxes are useful if you are going on a non-mining adventure as they can clear Stone in case of emergency.
  • Golden pickaxes are the fastest when mining Stone-related and Sandstone-related items, but have only 33 uses, making it the weakest Pickaxe.
  • If you mine an item with the wrong pick, it will merely destroy it.
  • Pickaxes are sometimes found in village chests.
  • Mining Obsidian is only possible with a Diamond Pickaxe.
  • Gold Pickaxe is the only pickaxe that can't mine its own ore.
  • It is often called 'Minecraft's Iconic Symbol'.

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