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0-2 Raw Porkchops, 0-2 Cooked Porkchops (if it died on fire)

First Appearance

Update 0.2.0

A Pig is a Passive Mob that was added in Update 0.2.0, and is in all versions of Minecraft. When killed, it drops 0-3 Porkchops.


Pigs are attracted towards the Player if he/she is holding a Carrot, Potato, or Beetroot and if he/she feeds an adult Pig, it will enter Love Mode. If the Player does the same to another Pig nearby, the two pigs will Breed. Once a Pig has been bred, it cannot enter Love Mode again for 5 minutes.


  • Pigs will drop Cooked Porkchops if killed while on Fire, with a weapon Enchanted with the Fire Aspect Enchantment, or if they run through Lava.
    • Like Cows, Chickens and Sheep, they will drop the cooked version of their respective raw meat drops.
  • Pigs did not spawn in Creative Mode naturally until Update 0.9.0.
  • Baby Pigs and Adult Pigs have the same head size.
  • When struck by lightning, they will turn into Zombie Pigmen, unless the Difficulty level is at peaceful, which in that case the Pig will disappear.
  • Pigs and all Passive Mobs (except the Villager) will run all about when poisoned, although the Player or Mob is not attacking them. 
  • As of Update 0.15.0, Pigs can be ridden using a Saddle.
    • Also, in Update 0.15.0, the Player gained the ability to be able to use a Carrot on a Stick to attract and steer Pigs. 
  • There is an achievement called "When Pigs Fly" that can be earned by riding a pig and making it take fall damage.
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