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Redstone Block


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First Appearance

Update 0.15.0

Pistons and Sticky Pistons (a variant of Pistons) are both Redstone-related Blocks capable of pushing other Blocks when receiving a Redstone signal. They were added in Update 0.15.0.



Sticky Piston

Sticky Pistons behave similarly to regular Pistons, but they are also capable of pulling the object they are attached to. They can be found naturally inside Jungle Temples.
Sticky Piston

A Sticky Piston


Pistons can move up to 12 adjacent Block entities. These Blocks can either be in a line, or connected using Slime Blocks. A Normal Piston will only push the Blocks, whilst a Sticky Piston Will also pull back the closest Block or all the connected Blocks.

When a Slime Block is attached to a Piston, it moves most blocks adjacent (or connected) to the Slime Block, with the following exceptions:

  • The maximum of 12 Blocks must be respected.
  • Obsidian is not affected by a Slime Block attached to a Piston
  • Only Blocks in direct connection with the Slime Block will also be pulled back when the Piston retracts.

Pistons (including Slime Blocks attached to Pistons) cannot move all types of Blocks. For example:


  • Version Exclusive: Pistons have a broad neck (extending part).
  • Version Exclusive: Block entities (such as Levers) can be attached to the sides of Pistons.
  • Version Exclusive: Pistons can no longer be powered by quasi-connectivity, a long standing bug that was in PC edition that allowed for Pistons and other Redstone recievers to be powered by a Block next to a powered Block.
  • When used together, Pistons, Sticky Pistons, Blocks of Redstone, and Slime Blocks can make very advanced Redstone mechanisms.
  • There is an Achievement involving Pistons and Sticky Pistons called "Inception".
  • Despite being mostly made up of cobblestone, Pistons can be mined by hand.
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