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Minecraft PE Realms is a server hosting community for Minecraft Pocket Edition which allows players to create small servers with up to ten people from anywhere in the world.

Minecraft Realms Beta has been released as an 0.15.0 Alpha Build, and the current build is Build 4.


After purchasing a Minecraft PE Realm (server), the Player will have full control over it, including the name, gamemode, world size, etc.

Realms Dashboard

On the Realms Dashboard the player can decide whom he/she wants to add to the server, whether the server should be off or on, etc. Limit of 5 people joining.


In Realms, the player can choose to upload any of his/her current worlds. Currently, there are no default worlds, however, this may be changed in the future.

Signing Up for Realms

The Player can choose to sign up for realms for future use. For this, the player must click "Options" in the menu then select "Invited to Minecraft Realms? Login". The Player must fill out a form, and he/she has signed up for Realms.


  • Realms was available to use in earlier updates, however, was removed in April 2014.

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