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Minecraft PE Realms is the official server hosting service for Minecraft Pocket Edition which allows players to create and manage their own private Minecraft servers called 'Realms'.


  • Control- After purchasing a Minecraft PE Realm, the Player will have full control over it, including the name of the world, gamemode, world size, etc.
  • Safety- On the Realms Dashboard, the Player can decide whom he/she wants to add to the realm, whether the realm should be online, and other safety options. Up to 10 players can join a realm.
  • Custom Worlds- In Realms, the Player can choose to upload any of his/her current worlds. 


  • Minecraft PE Realms was known as Pocket Realms in previous versions.
  • Minecraft PE Realms were removed from the game in April 2014 along with the Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite version.

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