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These features will be included in a future update.
These features are confirmed, but not yet added to the game.

A Ravine


Generated Structure

First Appearance


Ravines are Generated Structures that may be added in a future update.


They are large cracks in Minecraft worlds that are less than 7 Blocks wide but can be 40-50 Blocks deep, often leading to various underground structures and rare Ores.


Ravines by themselves have no use, but it is highly recommended to take advantage of Ravines due to their unique and impressing structure, and the increased percentage of finding Ores much quicker than mining in a Cave. They often reveal many underground structures like Abandoned MineshaftsStrongholds, and Dungeons. They often also reveal rare ores like Diamond Ore and Emerald Ore.


  • Ravines were originally rumored for Update 0.9.0, and then Update 0.10.0.
    • However, they were not added.
    • They were rumored again for Update 0.13.0 and then for Update 0.14.0. However, they were again not added.
  • Ravines sometimes overlap or cross each other upon generation.
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