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Redstone (Ore)

Redstone Ore is commonly found deep underground. It is used as a power block.  You are able to collect Redstone dust from the ore since Update 0.8.0 was released, but it cannot be placed, unlike the PC or console editions. It was added to creative in 0.8.0.

Redstone Ore can only be mined with an iron or diamond pickaxe.


  1. Powered Rail
  2. Clock: 4 Gold Ingot and one redstone ore
  3. Compass 4 Iron Ingot and one redstone ore


  • In Minecraft for PC and console, redstone is used as a power source.
  • Redstone Ore lights up for 45 seconds if tapped on by the player.
  • Redstone Ore was one of the first ores implanted into the game's code.


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