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Redstone Ore is an ore block that can be mined to drop Redstone Dust. Redstone Ore did not drop anything until Update 0.8.0 but that has since been changed.


Redstone Ore can be found deep underground. It spawns in large veins like Coal Ore and drops multiple pieces of Redstone Dust at a time. Redstone Ore can only be mined by a Diamond Pickaxe or Iron Pickaxe.


  • In Minecraft for PC and console, redstone is used as a power source. However it may be used as a power source in 1.0.0.
  • Redstone Ore lights up for 45 seconds if tapped on by the player.
  • Redstone Ore was one of the first ores implanted into the game's code.
  • Redstone Ore is the only ore that doesn't exist in the real world.
  • It also emits a red particle effect when touched by the player.
Redstone (Torch, Active)RedstoneRedstone (Torch, Inactive)

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