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Redstone Repeater
Repeater on
A Powered Repeater






Yes (When Powered)


Yes (Up to 64)



First Appearance

Update 0.14.0

A Redstone Repeater (sometimes called a diode) is a Redstone related Block that was added in Update 0.14.0. It is used in Redstone circuits.



  • It is used in Redstone circuits to "repeat" Redstone signals to full strength (another 15 blocks).
  • It is used to delay Redstone signals.
  • It is used to prevent signals from moving backwards.
  • It is used to "lock" signals in one state by facing a powered Repeater into the side of another Repeater (powered or non-powered).
    Screenshot 2016-07-23-16-56-45

    An unpowered Locked Redstone Repeater.

    Screenshot 2016-07-23-16-58-19

    An activated Locked Redstone Repeater.


  • When the Player taps the Repeater, one of the Redstone Torches will move. It indicates that the Player moved it by one tick. One tick is equivalent to 0.1 seconds.
    • By default, the maximum delay that can be created by a Repeater is 4 ticks, equivalent to 0.4 seconds.
    • More Redstone Repeaters must be used in order to make longer delays.
  • If the player places a Repeater in one direction, then places another in a ninety-degree frame, the texture line going across the second Repeater will have the same texture as Bedrock. (as seen in the two pictures above)
  • Redstone Repeaters are often used with Note Blocks to make long length songs.
  • A large number of Redstone Items were added in Update 0.13.0. However, Repeaters were not added until Update 0.14.0 in Redstone's second phase.
  • Redstone Repeaters can be used to make a continous Redstone signal.
  • Whilst Redstone wire picks up power from the Block beneath, the Redstone Repeater does not do this. This allows for smaller circuits in some cases.
  • Redstone Repeaters can also be placed parallell to another Redstone Repeater (or Redstone wire) without being connected as two parallell Redstone wire would do.
  • They are often confused with the Redstone Comparator.
  • There is a Redstone Repeater that is already powered, but it is available only through Inventory Editing.
  • Repeaters can create temporary Airlocks if placed underwater.
  • Before Update 0.14.0, since Redstone Repeaters didn't exist, alternative Repeaters were created to make complex Redstone circuits.

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