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Redstone Torch
Redstone Torches
Redstone Torches


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First Appearance

Update 0.13.0

Redstone Torch is a Block that provides light and is used in Redstone circuits as a power source. It was added in Update 0.13.0 as part of Redstone Phase 1.

It provides a light level of 7, meaning Hostile Mobs can spawn. Redstone Torches can be inverted by connecting them to a lit Redstone wire, which means no light will be provided.



The Redstone Torch gives a full signal and lights Redstone Dust in adjacent blocks, both horizontally and vertically. It can also activate Blocks in this pattern.

If placed on a Block which is connected to a Redstone Signal, the Redstone Torch will invert the signal. That is if the block is powered or activated, it turns off, whilst if there is no signal into the Block it turns on.

Redstone Torches are useful for bringing Redstone Signal lines downwards, as they travel downwards through air unto the Redstone Dust in the block underneath the Torch. Do note that the Player needs to be careful to invert the signal back to its original variant, if the Player builds a Torch ladder with an odd number of Torches.


  • A Redstone Torch will 'burn-out' if turned on and off too many times in a short period of time.
    • Burnt out Redstone Torches do not give out light.
    • However, if a Redstone Torch gets 'burnt-out,' it can be broken and re-placed as a normal Redstone Torch.
    • After a given time period, in some cases the redstone circuit will restart.
  • The only Light dimmer than Redstone Torches is the light from the Monster Spawner.
  • Players use Redstone Torches to make houses spooky and scary.
  • Redstone Torches can be used to move a Redstone signal up or down, creating 'redstone ladders'.
  • Redstone Torches will ignite TNT when placed beside it.
  • Redstone Torches, when viewed from above, look like normal Torches.
  • As of Update 1.0, Redstone Torches spawn naturally inside Igloos.
  • Since Mobs don't spawn in Redstone Torches, the Player can place a Redstone Torch to verify if a block has sufficient light level. If the light doesn't change when placed, Mobs will not spawn.
Redstone (Torch, Active)RedstoneRedstone (Torch, Inactive)

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