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Minimum Tool Used

Grid Wooden Pickaxe




Yes (64)

First appearance

Alpha 0.1.0

Sandstone is a building material that is found under Sand (about 3 or 4 Blocks down) in the Desert. It can be mined using any Pickaxe. It can also be Crafted using 4 Blocks of Sand in a Crafting Table.



  • The texture on the top of a Sandstone Block is the same texture as the one on the bottom of a Quartz Block, but is tan instead of white.
  • After Update 0.6.0, Sandstone has 2 more variants: Chiseled Sandstone and Smooth Sandstone.  
  • Unlike Sand, Sandstone will not fall down if placed without Blocks under it. 
  • Chiseled Sandstone has a Creeper face on its design. 
  • Sandstone was first seen in Version 0.1.0.
  • Red Sandstone was added in Update 0.14.0 along with its Chiseled and Smooth variants.
  • Sandstone always appears grey when viewed on a Map, making it easier to find Desert Temples.

SandSand TypesSand

SandSandstoneSmooth SandstoneChiseled SandstoneRed SandRed SandstoneSmooth Red SandstoneChiseled Red Sandstone

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