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Shears are one of the 7 main tools.


The main use of Shears is to harvest Wool from sheep without killing them. The sheep will be rendered with no coat, but will grow it back after eating grass. You will get 1 - 3 wool blocks, the color of which will depend on the color of the sheep to start with. Shears can also be used on leaves. When leaves, bushes , or, tall grass, are harvested with shears, you get a place-able leaf, bush, or, tall grass block. Shears will shear leaves, bushes, and, tall grass faster than anything else.


The Shears are unique in that they are the only tool to not require wood. Instead they require two Iron Ingots to craft.


  • Unlike all the other tools, shears only have one version, which is iron.
  • Shears mine stone faster than hand, but the stone is still not gathered
  • Shears are better then killing sheep because if you were to kill one it would only drop 0-1 wool upon death. With shears you can get up to 3, and sheep eventually regrow their wool.
  • Shears can break wool faster than by hand or anything else.
  • When obtaining leaves, bushes, or, tall grass, shears are the only tool that will give you the block.

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