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Sheep Dyed in various colors






1 Wool
1-3 Wool (If sheared)
0-3 Raw Mutton
0-3 Cooked Mutton (If killed by fire)

First Appearance

Update 0.2.0

Sheep are Passive Mobs that were added in Update 0.2.0.


Sheep spawn on Grass Blocks in Light Level 9 or above. They often spawn in flocks of 4 during world generation.


Sheep behave like most other Passive Mobs - they wander aimlessly, and avoid Water, occasionally bleating.


Shears can be used to shave a Sheep's Wool off, giving the Player 1-3 wool. The Wool grows back when the Sheep consumes grass from a Grass Block. Baby Sheep cannot be sheared.


Since Update 0.6.0, Sheep can be dyed by tapping and holding a Sheep using a Dye. If sheared or killed after being dyed, they drop the color of wool they are dyed. Some Sheep will spawn naturally with a dyed color of pink, black, gray, light gray, white, or brown.


Sheep are attracted towards equipped Wheat and can be Bred using it. When bred, a baby Sheep of one of the parents' colors will spawn. Although, some colors may mix to create a new color. For example, if the Player breeds a red Sheep and a yellow Sheep together, the baby might be an orange Sheep, however, color mixing does not apply to all Sheep pairings.


  • Version Exclusive: The Sheep's facial wool color also changes when the Sheep is dyed.
  • A Sheep's Wool can be dyed different colors to obtain colored Wool.
  • A "Shear" button was added in Update 0.9.0.
    • Before this, Players would often accidentally punch Sheep when shearing them.
  • White is the most common Wool color, while darker colors are rarer. Pink Sheep are the rarest with only a 0.164% chance of naturally spawning.
  • Easter Egg: If the Player names a sheep "jeb_", its wool will go through the color spectrum. However, if the said Sheep is sheared, its wool will yield its original color before it was named "jeb_".
  • After Update 0.15.0, Sheep now drop Raw Mutton when killed.
  • Wolves will attempt to hunt down and kill Sheep.
  • In Update 1.0, a Dye button was added.
  • If an adult Sheep is killed while on Fire, it will drop Cooked Mutton.
  • If a Player walks into a Sheep, it is possible to see the sheared texture.
  • Sheep have a chance to spawn as a Jockey.
  • In Update 1.1, their texture will change, along with Wool's texture.
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