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Shovel Anim
All 5 types of Shovels



Used to

Dig loose blocks (dirt, sand, etc)



First Apperance

Update 0.2.0

Shovels are Tools in Minecraft Pocket Edition. They can dig up Dirt, Grass Blocks, Sand, Red Sand, Gravel, MyceliumPodzol, Clay Blocks, Soul Sand and Snow Blocks faster than any other tool.


Types of Shovels


  • Since Update 0.9.0, there is a glitch where a Stone Shovel will occasionally have the digging speed of a Diamond Shovel.
  • As of Update 0.11.0, Wooden Shovels are also used as paddles to craft Boats.
  • Using a shovel is the only way to obtain Snowballs.
    • To obtain Snowballs, the Player must tap or dig Top Snow or Snow Blocks with a Shovel.
  • Only Grass Blocks can be tapped with a shovel to make Grass Paths; this will not work on plain dirt.
  • The Player can Enchant a shovel with Silk Touch to obtain unobtainable blocks such as Grass Block, Mycelium, and Podzol.
  • The Shovel is the cheapest tool to craft in terms of tiered materials since only one material is needed.

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