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Shovel Anim

Shovels or Spades are the fastest item to use to dig Dirt, Grass Blocks, Sand, Gravel, and Snow. Since Update 0.9.0, there is a glitch where occasionally, a stone shovel will have the digging speed of a diamond shovel.


Shovels can be crafted with Wooden Planks, Cobblestone, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingots, and Diamonds. You also need 2 Sticks to craft a shovel. Shovels are the only tool that can shovel snow and to get a Snowball. If you dig it with a hand, or anything else besides a shovel, you will get nothing. One of the easiest ones to use is the stone shovel. As of 0.11.0, shovels are also used as paddles for boats.

Wooden Shovel


Wooden Shovel Recipe

Stone Shovel


Stone Shovel

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