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A Skeleton


Hostile Mob






Light level below 7


0-2 (+Loot Level) Bones, 0-2 Arrows, 0-1 Bow, 0-1 Armor pieces

First Appearance

Alpha 0.3.3

A Skeleton is a Hostile Mob that attacks the Player by shooting Arrows from its Bow. They were implemented in Alpha 0.3.3. Skeletons, like Zombies, burn and take damage upon entering sunlight.


Skeletons attack the Player by shooting Arrows from a distance. Their Arrows can deal up to two heart damage (HeartHeart) each, though this can be reduced if the Player wears Armor.

If a Skeleton is on Fire, it will shoot burning Arrows, thus setting fire to a Player/Mob if they get too close.


When fighting Skeletons, the best strategy is to use a Bow, as it is very hard to attack Skeletons using a Sword. However, if using a top-tier sword like Iron or Diamond, melee can be considered an option.

When using a sword, it is best to take shelter behind Blocks or nearby Trees. The Skeleton may walk up close to the barricade, providing the Player an opportunity to attack closely. An alternate method is to sprint in circles around it, getting closer and closer until the Player can hit it.


  • They have two variants: The Wither Skeleton and the Stray.
  • If the Player is under or above the Skeleton, the Skeleton will shoot itself.
  • They are one of seven mobs (the other six being Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, Wither Skeletons, Husks, Strays and Witches) that can hold an Item.
  • Skeletons do not burn in sunlight if they are in Water, in shade or if they are wearing a Helmet.
    • However the helmet will eventually lose durability, making the Skeleton burn after several minutes.
  • Skeletons can hit Endermen with their Arrows, even though Players cannot.
  • Since Update 0.12.1, Skeletons have improved AI — they have greater accuracy which increases with Difficulty.
  • Since Update 0.13.0, Wolves chase down and kill Skeletons.
  • Unlike Zombies, a Skeleton will not leave shade to attack the Player.
  • In Update 0.15.0, Skeletons now have the same Al as Skeletons in the PC version 1.9.
    • This means they now hold their arms, and bow, down by their sides.
  • In Update 0.16.0, Skeletons now have a chance to drop their bows.
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