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Skins Packs in MCPE


Game Mechanic

First Appearance

Update 0.11.0

Skins are textures which determine how a player appears in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Skins were added in Update 0.11.0.


Default Skins

There are currently two default skins in the game:

  • Steve, the male model, with 4pxl arms
  • Alex, the female model, with 3pxl arms

Skin Packs

Mojang has released official skin packs containing a variety of skins, mostly based on one or more themes (eg. Star Wars, Marvel, etc). These can be either free or paid. There are eight skin packs: City Folk, Town Folk, Biome Settlers 1, Holiday Skin Pack 2015, Halloween Costumes, Journey To The West, Redstone Specialists, and Minecraft: Story Mode.

Costume Skins

During Halloween, Mojang added skins including people wearing various masks and clothing from different mobs. The only free ones are two people that wear a Zombie and Iron Golem mask.

Custom Skins

It is also possible to upload a custom skin into the game if the player chooses to do so. They can do so using the Minecraft: Skin Studio Encore App, Skin builder, or Skinseed. They can also download a skin file from the internet, save it in their images, and access it through the game.


  • Skins were originally planned for Update 0.10.0, but were postponed as they were too buggy.
  • Before Update 0.11.1, there was a bug where Skin Packs could not be purchased.
  • The Halloween Costumes came in 0.12.3, the Biome Settlers 1 in 0.13.0, the Holiday Skin Pack 2015 in 0.13.1, the Journey To The West in 0.13.2, the Redstone Specialists in 0.14.0, and the Minecraft: Story Mode in 0.14.1.
  • The Minecraft: Story Mode is free and it was released on the same day Episode 5 was released.

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