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Skins Packs in MCPE


Game Mechanic

First Appearance

Update 0.11.0

Skins are textures which determine how a player appears in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Skins were added in Update 0.11.0.


Default Skins

There are currently two default skins in the game- 

  • Steve, the male model, with 4pxl arms
  • Alex, the female model, with 3pxl arms

Skin Packs

Mojang has released official skin packs containing a variety of skins, mostly based on one or more themes (eg. Star Wars, Marvel, etc). These can be either free or paid. There are five skin packs: City folk, Town folk, biome settlers, christmas Holiday and Halloween costumes.

Custom Skins

It is also possible to upload a custom skin into the game if the player chooses to do so. They can do so using the Minecraft: Skin Studio Encore App, Skin builder, or Skinseed. They can also download a skin file from the internet, save it in their images, and access it through the game.

Costume Skins

During Halloween, Mojang added skins including people wearing various mask from different mobs. The only free ones were two people wear a Zombie and Iron Golem mask.


  • Skins were originally planned for Update 0.10.0, but were postponed as they were too buggy.
  • Before Update 0.11.1, there was a bug where Skin Packs could not be purchased.
  • The biome settlers skin pack came in 0.13.0 and the Christmas holiday one in 0.13.1

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