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Slime Blocks
Slime Block
Slime Blocks




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First Appearance

Update 0.14.0

Slime Blocks are Blocks that were added in Update 0.14.0. They are Craftable blocks that allow Players and Mobs to bounce on them. 


Slime Blocks can only be obtained through Crafting.


  • Slimeballs => 1 Slime Block
  • 1 Slime Block => 9 Slimeballs


Slime Blocks can be used to break falls as they prevent fall damage. Entities will bounce back if landing on a Slime Block.

Item Transport

Slime Blocks can be used for item transport, since items in water will move faster if the blocks below it are slime blocks. However, they will make Players and Mobs move slower, similar to the effect of Soul Sand.

Redstone Mechanisms

Slime Blocks can be used in Redstone mechanisms to create self-propelled contraptions. Slime Blocks when attached to Pistons can move also blocks around it to a certain extent.


  • A Player will swim slower if the block beneath it is a Slime Block.
  • Slime Blocks make the same sounds as the Slime Mob.
  • If a Carpet is placed on a Slime Block, The Player will still be able to bounce on it.
    • This can be useful in covering up slime blocks, giving them both functionality and visual appeal.
  • Slime Blocks appear to have a Stained Glass exterior in Update 1.0 Beta Builds..
  • Version Exclusive: Whilst in the PC version, multiple items are not affected by a Slime Block connected to a Sticky Piston, in Pocket Edition, only Obsidian, Bedrock, and End Portal Frames are immovable.

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