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Splash Texts, or Splashes are the random messages printed on the Title Screen of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Gallery of splashes


  • Splashes are also available on the PC and console editions.
  • Some splashes are exclusive to MCPE.
  • There is only one splash with colored text saying "Colormatic!"
  • Since Update 0.14.0, shorter splashes are larger than they were before.
  • As of Update 1.0, "100% dragon free" and "It's alpha" are removed from the splash text list because the Ender Dragon has been implemented and the game is no longer in alpha.
  • "Happy birthday, Notch" was the only splash in June 1st, to celebrate Notch's birthday.
    • However, this was removed after Microsoft bought Minecraft.
  • Most Splash texts have a hidden Easter egg or references.

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