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A Squid


Passive Mob


Water below y=64




0-3 Ink Sacs

First Appearance

Update 0.11.0

Squids are Passive Mobs that were added in update Update 0.11.0. They live in Water and when killed, they drop 0-3 Ink Sacs.


Squids can spawn at any light level. However, they can only spawn in water below Y=64. They may on occasion spawn in Wells and other Player-made water sources. Squids can also be spawned using Spawn Eggs from Creative Mode.

Version Exclusive: Baby Squids may also occasionally spawn.


Squids will aimlessly swim around, with an animation showing their tentacles opening and closing, to show swimming. Squids are not attracted to light, and will not interact with the Player at all.

Version Exclusive: When attacked, a Squid will release thick ink particles and attempt to swim away.


As they can randomly spawn in Water, farming them is just a matter of making a large body of water, most recommended a place with deep water. Depth Strider is a great Enchantment to use on Boots for Players who are trying to hunt Squid, and Potions of Water Breathing and Respiration Enchantments will also help for staying underwater longer than usual.


  • Squids were the only Mobs in Minecraft PE that lived in the Water.
  • Squids are one of the three mobs who don't drop Experience when killed, the others being Bats and Villagers.
  • Players cannot injure Squids by attacking the tentacles because the hit-box of a Squid is restricted to the main body.
  • Squids are the only Mobs that do not have a unique dying animation. When they die, Squids only turn red and disappear.
  • Squids, Iron Golems, Guardians and Elder Guardians are the only mobs that can survive underwater.
  • Prior to Update 0.16.0, when most Mobs made sounds, Squids were the only Mob that didn't have sounds.
  • Squids can breathe in a Cauldron if it is filled with Water.
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