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This feature is MCPE Exclusive.
This feature is exclusive to the Pocket Edition of Minecraft and cannot be found on any other version of it.




Tool Used


Tool Level


First Appearance

Version 0.6.0

Last Apperance (Survival)

Version 0.13.0


Yes (64)

The Stonecutter is an interactive Block used to craft Stone-related blocks. It was implemented in PE in Update 0.6.0. Its abilty to craft stone-related blocks was removed from Update 0.13.0. And was uncraftable in Survival mode in Update 0.13.0.


It has an appearance similar to a Furnace, but with a gear on the top and sawblades and hammers around the front side. 


(Crafting recipe has been removed)


  • Similar to the Crafting Table, the stonecutter used to use the MATTIS system.
  • Stonecutters received new items and a new layout to craft in Update 0.9.0.
  • Stonecutters, unlike Furnaces, could be crafted without a Crafting Table.
  • It was also called a "Stone Crafting Table".
  • Stonecutters can only be obtained through Creative mode as of 0.13.0.
    • The block still exists, but non-craftable and without its ability to craft.
  • Unlike the Nether Reactor Core, which breaks into 3 Iron Ingots and six Diamonds, it will not be broken into four Cobblestone, and will drop itself with any Pickaxe.
  • The Stonecutter was added because there was not enough space in the Crafting Table's MATTIS screen.
  • If Stonecutters are placed directly on top of one another, they lose their functionality.
  • Even if the Stonecutter has lost its function to craft stone-related items, the player still has to crouch to place a block above or beside it.

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