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The Stray Mob




10 x Heart

Attack Damage

Easy: HeartHalf heart Normal: HeartHeart Hard: HeartHeartHalf heart


0-2 Arrows, 0-2 Bones


Light Level 7

First Appearance

Update 0.15.0

Stray is a Hostile Mob that was added to Minecraft Pocket Edition in Update 0.15.0. They are variants of Skeletons that spawn exclusively in Snowy Biomes.


Strays are a stronger variation of the Skeleton. Strays appear to be Skeletons wearing ragged clothing and holding a Bow. They fire Tipped Arrows which inflict Slowness for 30 seconds upon any target it hits.


  • The Stray Mob was first hinted by Jeb in a tweet, when he posted a picture of a new 'archer' Mob.
  • Strays have the regular Skeleton drops. They also can drop Tipped Arrows of Slowness.
  • Like regular Skeletons, Strays burn in the daylight.
  • Strays have a chance to wear white dyed Leather Armor. Despite this, they drop regular Leather Armor when killed.
  • The Stray is made up of two skins, mainly "stray", and "stray_overlay".
  • Strays are the fourth Mob in MCPE that are able to apply Status Effects on the Player, the first being Cave Spiders, second being Wither Skeletons, the third being Witches, the fifth being the Husks, the sixth being the Wither, and the seventh being the Elder Guardian and the eight being the Shulker.
  • When given Invisibility, its "clothing" will still appear.
  • They have a different texture to the PC version, since part of the shoulder is missing.
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