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Sun mc
The Sun


Game Mechanic Sprite



The Sun is a bright, white graphical element in the sky that first appeared in Update 0.7.3. It appears during the day and emits a light level of 15 worldwide. The Moon is its counterpart.


The Sun is used to symbolize the beginning and the end of a day in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Since it emits a light level of 15, Hostile Mobs cannot spawn. Undead mobs such as ZombiesSkeletons, and Strays also burn when in direct contact with Sunlight. 


  • Version Exclusive: Sunset has a more dynamic and realistic look.
  • The Sun becomes larger during sunset and sunrise.
  • Before Update 0.8.0, if the Player went to the edge of the world during night in third person mode, the Sun was at the bottom of the world.
  • After Update 0.10.0, the size of the Sun was increased.
  • When Beautiful Skies is turned off, the Sun and the Moon are not visible.

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