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In Survival Mode you must gather resources to build what you want, craft, and battle monsters because you can die easily. Survival mode also has smaller "difficulty modes", which are Peaceful and Normal. Normal mode has hostile mobs and only food will heal you, Peaceful mode has no hostile mobs, durability of tools last longer, and your health bar regenerates slowly over time. Hardcore and other modes are expected to be added in a future update.


Health Bar

The main feature of this mode is the appearance of the health bar. This means that you take damage from falling (Half a heart per block, after the first three blocks), being attacked by Hostile mobs, drowning or suffocation (meaning your head's stuck inside a non-transparent block).


The other most recognizable feature is the lack of unlimited blocks and that there is no instant mining. Rather, in survival mode the blocks must be hit with one of the Tools or a hand. When starting the mode the player has no items. So, the player must start punching trees, mining, and get everything the player wants to build to create the structure they dream of.


To create tools the player (You) will have to craft items. Crafting item lists can be found on the following pages:


Survival Mode also introduces hostile mobs such as-

All these mobs damage and endanger the player. They are easy to defeat, but when there are a lot of hostile mobs, it may be hard to handle. Slimes, Silverfish and Endermen were added in Update 0.9.0.


You can turn the grass to a farmland block by using a hoe and if it's near water, it will turn hydrate. You can place the following blocks:

The act of eating restores hearts the amount depends on the item. The melon is the only item that can be eaten from scratch. Carrots and potatoes can also be farmed.

Generated Structures

0.9.0 added generated structures to the game, Generated structures are basically buildings or structures that spawn naturally. As of 0.9.5, the generated structures of  the game are-

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