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Survival Mode is a gamemode where the player starts with zero resources, which means the player has to start from scratch by mining wood and so forth. Survival Mode introduces many features that are not available in Creative Mode, but also lacks other Creative features like infinite blocks and flying.

Health & Damage

Main Article: Health

The main feature of this mode is the appearance of the health bar. The player will take damage from falling from high places, being attacked by hostile mobs and other players, etc.

If the player's health bar is completely depleted, he/she will die.


Unlike Creative Mode, Survival does not have unlimited resources and instant mining. Thus, the player must start gathering resources like WoodStone, etc. 


Main Article: Hunger

In Survival Mode, there is also a hunger bar, which must be continuously replenished by eating Food. It allows the player to sprint (move faster), and also allows the player to regenerate health.


To meet the requirement of food, the player must start Farming. The player can farm items like PotatoesCarrotsWheat and Beetroots, which can be crafted into other foods as well. They can also be used for breeding Mobs, who can be killed for a supply of meat.


  • Survival Mode has a tougher, harder variant called Hardcore Mode.

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