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Survival Mode is a gamemode where the player starts with zero resources, which means the player has to start from scratch by mining wood and so forth. Survival Mode introduces many features that are not available in Creative Mode, but also lacks other Creative features like infinite blocks and flying.

Health & Damage

Main Article: Health

The main feature of this mode is the appearance of the health bar. The player will take damage from falling from high places, being attacked by hostile mobs and other players, etc.

If the player's health bar is completely depleted, he/she will die.


The other most recognizable feature is the lack of unlimited blocks and that there is no instant mining. Rather, in survival mode the blocks must be hit with one of the Tools or by hand. When starting the mode the player has no items. So, the player must start punching trees, mining, and get everything they want to build to create the structure they want to.


To create tools the player will have to craft items. Crafting item lists can be found on the following pages:


Survival Mode also introduces hostile mobs that damage and endanger the player. They can be easy or hard to handle, depending on the amount, but some hostile mobs (Like Creepers and Endermen) endager the player more than others.


Mining grass (or hoeing the ground in Pre-0.9.0) will give the player seeds. These seeds can be planted on a Hydrated Farmland created by the player using a hoe. In PE there are many types of seeds including Wheat, Melon, Beetroot (exclusive), and Pumpkin. They can also plant food items such as Carrots and Potatoes. Farming is crucial to provide food if not using mobs.

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