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Tall Grass
Tall Grass
Tall Grass


Decorative Block


Yes (64)



Tool Used






First Appearance

Update 0.8.0

Tall Grass is a Decorative Block implemented in Update 0.8.0. It can be grown using Bone Meal on a Grass Block. When broken, it can sometimes drop Wheat Seeds. It generates naturally as of Update 0.9.0


Tall Grass can be found growing naturally in Infinite Worlds; however, they cannot be found naturally in Old Worlds and Superflat Worlds.

It can be obtained using Shears.


  • Tall Grass was added in Pre-Release, but was removed and re-added in Update 0.9.0.
  • Using a Bone Meal on Tall Grass creates Double Tall Grass.
  • Tall Grass has a chance of dropping Wheat Seeds when broken. The chance is slightly higher for Double Tall Grass.
  • The Player cannot obtain it by using other Tools aside from Shears.
  • Before 0.9.0, Tall Grass wouldn't generate naturally and needed to be grown with Bone Meal.
  • Sometimes glitches cause Grass to spawn on Water.
  • The Player can place a block on the same space as the Grass, but the Grass will subsequently disappear.
  • They can generate at different heights.
  • Tall Grass can be broken by placing Water next to it with a Bucket. This method can be used to clear large areas of land to collect seeds.
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