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All Tools
All Tools



Tools are Items that are used to increase the efficiency of certain processes in the game.

List of Tools

See specific pages for more detailed information:

Golden Tools are twice as fast as Diamond Tools, with the exception of the Golden Sword, which does not do the same amount of damage as a Diamond Sword (and thus is slower to kill Mobs). Golden Tools also get better Enchantments than any other Tools.

All Tools, with the exception of a Compass, a Map, a Clock, and a Glass Bottle, can be Enchanted as of Update 0.12.1 with effects like Efficiency, Infinity, Unbreaking, etc.

Most Tools have a limited Durability depending on the tier, or having a fixed amount of uses.

List of Appliances

The Blocks in this list have infinite durability, unless stated otherwise:


  • Tools are not stackable due to the fact that they have durability. The exception to this are empty Glass Bottles, Clocks, Maps, and Compasses.

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