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All Tools
All Tools



Tools are Items in Minecraft Pocket Edition that are used to increase the efficiency of certain processes in the game.

List of Tools

See specific pages for more detailed information:

All tools, with the exception of a Compass, a Map, a Clock, and a Glass Bottle, can be Enchanted as of Update 0.12.1 with effects like Efficiency, Infinity, Unbreaking, etc.


Tools have various tiers, where each tier has a different amount of uses:

Some tools do not have tiers, but still have a fixed amount of uses. They are:

  • Fishing Rod – 65 uses.
  • Flint and Steel – 65 uses.
  • Bow – 385 uses.
  • Carrot on a Stick – 65 uses.
  • Shears – 238 uses.

List of Appliances

The Blocks in this list have infinite durability, unless stated otherwise:

  • Anvil – Used to Enchant, rename and repair other tools. Does have durability.
  • Enchantment Table – Used to enchant tools, Armors, and weapons.
  • Brewing Stand – Used to make Potions.
  • Cauldron – Used to hold water for Potions or Dying.
  • Chest – Used to hold other items.
  • Crafting Table – Used to Craft items.
  • Dropper – Can hold items, and then drop them when given a Redstone signal.
  • Dispenser – Can hold items, and then utilise or dispense them when given a Redstone signal.
  • Ender Chest- Can hold other items and accessible from other Ender Chests.
  • Hopper – Is a small Container, capable of transfering items to and from other containers.
  • Furnace – Used to smelt items, and cook Food.


  • Tools are not stackable due to the fact that they have durability. The exception to this are empty Glass Bottles, Clocks, Maps, and Compasses.

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