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Top Snow
Grassy Snow
Snow covering a Grass Block








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First Appearance

Update 0.3.0


Top Snow is a Block that can be found in Snow Biomes. It was first added in Alpha 0.3.0.


It can be obtained through Crafting using Snow Blocks. Snow Golems also create a trail of it wherever they go.



  • Version Exclusive: After Update 0.12.1, Top Snow is affected by Gravity.
  • Top Snow can stack on each other.
    • It is used to create Snow Blocks by stacking it to a full block height, which is 8 Top Snow.
  • After Weather was added in Update 0.12.1, Top Snow became renewable through snowfall.
  • Top Snow melts when near Torches, Glowstone, Jack O'Lanterns, Redstone Lamps, Sea Lanterns or Lava.
  • Top Snow can compile on one another in a snowstorm and can cover things on the ground. This includes Trees and houses.
  • When put on Leaves, they will eventually turn completely white.
  • When placed on Grass Blocks, the Grass on the sides of blocks turns white immediately.
  • In Creative, or some Multiplayer scenarios, Top Snow will make it snow under the Top Snow block if there is air below it. This can't be done in Survival, as Top Snow is affected by the Gravity.

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