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These features will be included in a future update.
These features are confirmed, but not yet added to the game.

Trading paper clean GUI
Trading GUI in PC


In-Game Mechanic

First Appearance


Trading is a mechanic that will be added in a future update. It allows the Player to trade with Villagers using items or Emeralds.


Trading involves the Player offering a Villager Emeralds for any item they may be selling, or vice-versa. The items/Emeralds will then be taken away from the Player's Inventory, and the Player will gain the item he/she traded for.


  • What a Villager is willing to trade is related to their occupation.
    • For example, a farmer is likely to trade Wheat, while a blacksmith is more likely to trade a Tool.
  • It is widely accepted that most Villager trades are unfair.
  • After a trade, Villagers release particles which let the Player know the trade is successful, and that a new trade is available.

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